Doulas of Marquette | Marquette, MI Doulas
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From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, your whole world changes and opens up like never before. The story of your family has officially begun.


Together as parents, you start to dream in new ways. As your body begins to change you begin to create space for your baby, not only in your home but in your heart.


You begin to envision your life with this new little person. When will you meet them? Will he have your husband’s blue eyes? Will she have grandmas curly hair? Where will you read your baby the books you have loved since your childhood? Where will you rock your baby on those long nights?


And as they grow…who will they become?


Who will you become as a family?


At Doulas of Marquette, we’re here to help your family lay a foundation of love and attachment and through this, become the family, that even now, you are hoping to be.


This beginning will help shape a lifetime of moments in your family, and influence generations to come.


Each day, 360,000 babies are born around the world, miraculously YOU were chosen for THIS baby and we are honored to be on this once in a lifetime journey with you.


We know you have got this.


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