What I Came Home to On Christmas - Doulas of Marquette
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What I Came Home to On Christmas

26 Dec What I Came Home to On Christmas

In the wee hours, I got the call.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, because right before I had literally been dreaming about getting a call in, the birth, even the sex of the baby (my clients chose to not find out).

I got ready in the stillness of the night, shifting gears from thoughts of waking up with my own family, to heading out to help support another family who would welcome their baby.

On Christmas!

And no it wasn’t in a stable, but the verdicts still out on the wise men coming.

We’re giving it a couple years.

I kissed my half-asleep husband goodbye.

I got in the car and drove the hours it took to get to my client’s house which was a blessing in itself.

Something deep in me has been longing for a white Christmas. But the UP weather (especially in Marquette County) has been crazy this year.

There is literally no snow on the ground in Marquette.

Like not even a little. Not even a dusting.




As I drove it became more and more covered in white. The trees were like magic.

It’s like I always tell my friend Denise, I live in Narnia. My heart got happier mile after mile.

I was starting to feel a new kind of Christmas wonder. One that had nothing to do with me or my family, but had all to do with someone else’s family.

There is a power in that, you know?

Supporting with a heart full of excitement is what we offer, whether it’s Christmas or not.

After the beautiful birth (my dream was right about the sex of the baby!), I headed home.

What I arrived home to was beyond words.

I asked how the kids took me not being home, and he said it wasn’t a big deal at all. I was so happy that my thoughts of them crying didn’t come true.

My husband delayed our special breakfast we had planned all on his own accord (we did it today).

Breakfast never tasted so good.

Everyone waited on opening presents.

The kids never even asked throughout the day to open presents because they didn’t want to do it without me.

My husband cleaned the house, including the bathtub which was well, I have three kids so you can imagine. I was so appreciative but also a bit confused about cleaning the bath since I talked about doing it later this week.

Later when we opened presents and I’d find out why he washed it out. He bought me an orange Epsom salt soak, and he wanted me to be able to do it later that night since I would be in birth recovery mode.

And somewhere in the midst of all of it, he made me homemade tiramisu.

I know, I can’t even either.

What I came home to on Christmas was deep-rooted love.

A big huge, we love you and need you, Melinda, Wife, Mama.

What’s even more powerful, is that my husband and children love me like that every day, and sometimes it takes getting called to a birth on Christmas to see it.

Written by Melinda Britton of Doulas of Marquette