Two are Better than One - Doulas of Marquette
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Two are Better than One

02 Feb Two are Better than One

“My water broke. We are headed to the hospital.”
The excitement fills the air, knowing the baby is on his way. My bag is packed, I’m ready. Hours go by, everyone’s doing well but things are moving slowly so I head to bed to get some rest.

Morning comes and things are going like they normally do. Then… it hits me. The chills. The aching. The headache. The fever.


‘Ring’ “Melinda, I’m sick. I can’t believe it, I’m never sick!”
“Ok, no problem. We got this. Go rest and get better.”

We. Are. A. Team.

A Doula Team.

This is just ONE example of why you would want a team of doulas in your birth circle. We pride ourselves in the fact that we both get to know our clients so that they, and we, can be comfortable with each other. This gives people security that they will know who attends their birth. If one of us gets sick, has a family emergency, etc.…we got your back! There’s no need to call in a ‘back-up’ doula. We are BOTH your doulas and one of us WILL be at your birth. We will both know the plan, your desires, your fears, everything.

That gives you one less thing to worry about. One less ‘unknown’.


No matter what.

We. Are. A. Team.

One of the Team,