Somebody’s Baby Still… - Doulas of Marquette
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Somebody’s Baby Still…

30 May Somebody’s Baby Still…

Memorial Day has come and almost gone.

We spent the day with some fun friends,



Some of us riding a zip line.

Throughout the day, I’ve stopped to think of the fallen soldiers all over the world.

For when it comes down to it,

We are all human,

We all bleed,

We all love,


We all mourn.

This is where you can cue up “Everybody Hurts” by REM.

Because it’s true.

Each of us hurt and have in some way have been affected by war, and some of us have walked through (are walking through) the deep pain of losing someone we love in war.

I think of the deep anguish my Grandma Betty went through waiting to hear if my Grandpa Henry (paratrooper in D-Day) was alive or not.

The days,

the hours,

the months,

ticking by, so slowly.

I think of a few families from my hometown near Ann Arbor that have had to bury their sons, and daughters.

I think of

the children (oh, the children)

the wives,

the husbands…

maybe today I’m even thinking of you.

As I watched my kids laugh, giggle, and run through our friend’s yard I paused, with

deep thankfulness.

And I just about wept as these words came to my heart,

“She’s (He’s) somebody’s baby

Somebody’s baby girl (boy)

She’s (He’s) somebody’s baby

Somebody’s baby girl (boy)

And she’s (he’s) somebody’s baby still…” -Jon Foreman

To all you out there mourning your “babies” lost in war, I wish I could wrap my arms around each and everyone of you.

Today, and everyday we mourn with you.

Written By: Melinda Britton, Owner of Doulas of Marquette