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Birth Doula Support

Birth may be unpredictable but having continuous, compassionate, and knowledgeable support doesn’t have to be. 



Common Questions about Birth Doula Support:


Q: What is a doula?


A: A doula is a trained professional who is non-medical. As doulas, we provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a mother/birthing person before, during, and after childbirth. Though our support with each family will look different depending on their desires and choices, most of all as doulas it’s our deep desire to help you have the healthiest and most satisfying birth experience that you can.


Q: Why do people hire Doulas of Marquette?


A: Our clients have hired us for many reasons. From having never been through the experience of labor and birth before, realizing that they need their partner to provide love and comfort and to not feel the full weight and pressure to have to remember everything, to having had a very unsatisfying prior birth experience and feeling confident that a doula would have made a huge difference.


Here are some other common reasons clients hire us:

  • families want a team who are experienced and they take solace in knowing we’ve supported hundreds of families since 2010
  • families want to fully understand options and scenarios better before making choices and know that they have exhausted all options in their birth;
  • families who want to be supported in their choices/desires in the birth they are desiring and ultimately, in the birth that they actually have;
  • families desire to have fewer medical interventions and/or medications during labor;
  • families who want constant and continuous support for both parents, because they recognize that this is a family-centered experience;
  • dads/birthing partners want to know they showed up fully with effective tools to support the laboring/birthing mom;
  • families that recognize each birth is unpredictable but having a doula there brings more calm, knowledge, and comfort to everyone;
  • the mother/birthing parent has researched the benefits of doula support (Link: Evidence on Doulas)
  • they may want someone to dance with them in labor and who is ok with ending up on YouTube (we’ve got sweet moves, doulas honor)



Q: How do you show up in the world at Doulas of Marquette?


A: We stand by these Core Values at Doulas of Marquette:

Inclusivity- Doulas of Marquette is committed to being a welcoming and safe space for ALL families. We are committed to supporting and embracing diversity, and being economically inclusive. We also provide a partial scholarship for those on UPHP and WIC. 

Empathy- We have an innate and experienced ability to listen to and hear your needs. We meet you where you are at in the joys and in the challenges. We know that everyone is facing battles that no one else knows about, and that kindness matters. We create and cultivate a space for you to be vulnerable and real. Our support is a safe place for you and your partner to land. 

Trust- From day-one, we are there for you and your family. We know that a trusting relationship is built over time, and we will consistently show up for you. We make our process at Doulas of Marquette very clear so you can feel confident about what you are choosing and the support you will receive. We feel so honored to be the doulas that hundreds of local families have, and continue to trust as they welcome their child into the world. 

Nurturing- Growing and birthing a human is a very vulnerable process. We come alongside you and meet you where you are, just as you are. We help amplify your voice and your desires, we validate your experience and bring comfort not only to your physical body but to your soul. More than just your body gives birth. It’s your emotions, your mind, and your soul/spirit. We honor all of these parts of you fully throughout the entire process.

Discretion- We respect our client’s privacy. We understand that you are sharing a very private and intimate part of your life with us. We will not discuss any details of your family, your experience, or choices with anyone or on social media. Any testimonials that have been or are shared are with the full permission and approval of clients.


Q: Will you take the place of my husband or partner?


A: This is a very common question, and honestly one that makes us smile. It shows us that you want your partner to be part of the process. We want that for them, too! Many of our clients have found that simply having us there it has helped lower not only their anxiety but their partners, too. We often hear from and read about local dads that feel like they wish someone would have realistically prepared them for what was really going to happen in labor and birth. That they felt overwhelmed watching someone they love so much go through labor and birth, and that if they would have had knowledge prior, during, and after that they would have felt more confident in the support they gave. We all sometimes can forget that dads and partners need support, too. They need to be able to have room for their feelings, to be present, and to know that they gave all they could to support you. We provide tools so they can confidently know they did. Here’s the thing, your partner doesn’t want to disappoint you, and wants to feel confident moving into parenthood. We are here to help take some of the weight off of them and to give them practical tools to bring you comfort. We are here to help you both.

Want more information? Check out our dads, partners, and doulas page!


Q: Do you have good relationships with local doctors, nurses, and midwives?


A: Through many years of consistent professionalism, we have developed very positive relationships with all the doctors (OBs and Family Doctors), midwives, and nurses in the area. The medical staff has seen that we fully support their patients (our clients) in whatever choices they make. That we aren’t there with an agenda, but we are there to be part of the team. Doctors have commented that we make births better for their patients by decreasing their patients’ anxiety, helping exhaust all the options so their patients aren’t looking back with regrets, and as one client shared, her doctor said, “We love Doulas of Marquette! They remind us all to slow down in birth.” We are even recommended directly by a local doctor’s office!


“Doulas of Marquette was crucial as my husband and I welcomed our first child into this world. She was professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. She truly listens to what YOU want YOUR birth experience to be like, never pushing her own agenda…She is a true advocate for her clients and communicates your needs to the medical professionals. My husband and I had a great birth experience and it was due in large part to the support and presence of Doulas of Marquette.”  Meghan, Mother