National Nurses’ Week- Jennifer - Doulas of Marquette
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National Nurses’ Week- Jennifer

Doulas of Marquette MI Doula Birth Services

08 May National Nurses’ Week- Jennifer

You likely have noticed by now that we are featuring some of our favorite local nurses in order to celebrate National Nurses’ Week. So far we have shared our interview with L&D Nurses Monica and Megan

Today, we are talking to Jennifer Turek, NICU RN. Jennifer is among the team of amazing Nurses that care for babies and families going through often unexpected beginnings. 

DOM: Tell us about your nursing career/journey. Where did you go to college? When did you start? How long have you been on the Family Birthing floor?

Jennifer: I went to college at NMU and started working at MGH (UPHS-MQT) in 2000. I worked on an adult Medical unit for a year and a half. I have worked in NICU since December of 2001.

DOM: What drew you to this speciality within nursing?

Jennifer: I’ve always loved, and been passionate about babies! So, of course, this drew me to be a nurse in the NICU.

DOM: What are your favorite parts of your career?

Jennifer: I love watching babies grow/heal/change. I love seeing parents hold their newborn for the first time. I love helping mothers breastfeed and be successful at it! They say in nursing school not to “get attached to your patient.” I think getting attached sometimes helps me be a better nurse. How do you not get attached to little tiny humans?!

DOM: What are the most challenging parts of your career? What drives you to keep with it even through the difficult and stressful times?

Jennifer: On the other hand, it is difficult when you do get attached, to say goodbye to our patients. It is challenging to lose patients. Seeing God’s miracles every time I go to work is what keeps me going during difficult and stressful times.

DOM: What are some of your long term goals with your career?

Jennifer: I plan on staying in the NICU, it is my passion.

DOM: Tell us about yourself outside of work. Do you have a family? What are your interests? Any special talents?

Jennifer: I have three children, ages 10, 8, and almost 5. I love to workout, eat desserts, and visit with close friends. I’ve also danced (jazz, tap, modern, lyrical) for 37 years! I love taking my kids to the beach in the (short) summers!

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your story and passion with us. We are thankful for you, and how you provide not only knowledgeable care for your patients, but you also show up with compassion and love.