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Dear Dads: Lou has something he wants you to know

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17 Aug Dear Dads: Lou has something he wants you to know

Every time that we receive a review, it is super humbling and gives us great pride knowing that we supported your families just in the way that YOU needed to be supported.

The memories from client’s births may come to our minds, the emails/phone calls, the pre-birth meetings, the first time we met the expecting couple/family.

It all rushes in.

And on occasion, we get some pretty sweet reviews from dads. These reviews often include their initial thoughts (what in the world is this?), some mention of cost, and ultimately how they felt supported too.

Sometimes when a review comes in that literally makes you stop to cry multiple times, you just know that the world needs to hear it.

(All of this is shared with the complete permission and desire of Jenna and Lou.)

From the first time I met Jenna, I came alongside her in hoping that she would have a baby. You can read about her story and journey with infertility.

She kept telling me, “when I get pregnant, YOU are going to be my doula.”

I continued to believe with her, even develop a fun friendship, and well you can guess what happened!

I remember the first time Courtney and I met Lou, Jenna’s Husband, and got to see them both together. I have never met a more hilarious couple and honestly the joy was so thick in that room, they were SO happy to be pregnant.

So, so happy.

(pause for crying)

And then it happened on a beautiful day in late July they welcomed their sweet little girl, and not long after the postpartum visit with them (full of baby snuggles of course), I received this.

These are Lou’s words, and yes, they still make me cry.

“No lie, at first I had no idea what a doula was and thought… “is this another thing that my wife wants to throw money at that isn’t really worth it?”

So I went along with it being the supportive husband that I am, like all other guys should be out there.

During our first meeting seeing all of my wife’s questions and my questions being answered and our stress of the big event go away really helped. We had other questions that arise along the 9-month journey and we could always call or text with concerns.

Your line of contact was and still is always open and the answers are delivered from experience with a calm relaxing approach.

The upbeat down to earth attitude toward having a child helped both of us along the way. Being our first child this was a huge help to us before birth during birth and now after birth.

Any dudes out there that think that’s too much money well I had no idea what I was doing from picking up the baby right after birth, Melinda was there.

What is skin to skin contact and how do I do it? Melinda was there.

How do I swaddle her arms down? Melinda was there.

When I had huge alligator tears of love and happiness for a new life we made, Melinda was there to help put things in perspective and comfort.

What an amazing mother, doula, wife, and now cool friend of ours.

The journey is never ending. It took us a couple of years to start our family and now that its actually happening the way we wanted it to its time to thank all involved we appreciate all you do and continue to do. Thank you sooooo much for all you helped us with from days of infertility to watching our newborn enter this world. We are very happy to now have you as a guide by our side.

Lou Smith”

Written By: Melinda Britton, Owner and Certified Doula at Doulas of Marquette, and Lou Smith, Man, Husband, and Daddy Extraordinaire.

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