Big Girls Don’t Cry - Doulas of Marquette
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Big Girls Don’t Cry

24 Oct Big Girls Don’t Cry

…well let me start off by saying that’s a load of bull. Somewhere we were told that each of us should be strong. While we can naturally think of men being told not to cry, I believe and have seen how even as women we get fed that lie.

Well I’m not going to eat that up, not one bit.

And you shouldn’t either.

The truth is, big girls do cry. Whether it’s because we are sad, happy, or experiencing all of emotions at once, crying is allowed. Always allowed. ALWAYS allowed.

So what’s all this about crying?

Well, the other day as Courtney and I drove away from our clients’ home after a postpartum visit (where I had held in some tears during), I definitely cried. It wasn’t this big balling cry, but more like the closing a chapter tear drops down my face cry. I’d like to imagine it was super beautiful, and almost like a movie scene. Well either way, I embraced it since it’s especially awkward now to manage my tears since I have glasses and at the ripe age of thirty-two I’ve decided to start wearing makeup (this is a whole different topic, for a completely different day).

You see, it was the second family this year that I’ve worked alongside where it was not only a repeat client but also their last biological baby.

As we sat there in their home listening to the mom talk about the adjustment to three, the place of peace she was at, and watching her new wonder smile in her sleep and nurse. The emotions just hit me.

Their family is thriving. They are making the choices they feel are best for their lives, their baby, and their family.

This is what it is ALL about.

It’s their story being lived out, in their way, and it’s just beautiful.

So beautiful that, this big girl, did cry.