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A Better Postpartum- Mother Superior Nourishing Package

Doulas of Marquette MI Doula Birth Services

18 Sep A Better Postpartum- Mother Superior Nourishing Package

\When a person becomes a mother, without a doubt, it can be a beautiful (and sometimes brutal) transition that takes place. The body, mind, and heart are all completely stretched.

It’s all things sacred, and all things new, combined into one.

With recognizing this incredible transition, we at Doulas of Marquette felt we needed to offer something that honors the transition from woman to mother in a healing, and gentle way.

We’ve created the Mother Superior Nourishing Package, just for you.

This package includes belly binding, and another practice that may be new for some of you called mother roasting.

While the name may sound a bit like “some hippy shit” as some folks might say, the reality is it is for ALL mothers.

Hippy or not.

The process is done by warming, sealing, and binding the postpartum mother.

We know you agree, that becoming a mother (whether for the first time, or tenth time) should be marked and valued.

We all know how easy it is as mothers to put ourselves last, and how hard that transition of realizing you are COMPLETELY responsible for this little tiny person’s needs 24/7.

Mothers need support, and it’s ok to give yourself permission to not only mark your baby’s milestones but yours as well.

Because believe us, the more you are connected to yourself, the more you will connect with your baby.

Through the process of mother roasting, a mother’s mind, body, and the journey she just went through, are honored. Her body is warmed as the labor/birth process can be quite cooling and drain her of energy. This concept is very similar to that which is held in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Once baby is born the body and mind are closed or “sealed”, as body and mind have both been stretched and changed throughout the process of growing and birthing a baby.

The final step to mother roasting is a belly bind; which can also be done as a stand alone service. This ancient Malaysian postpartum art has been done for thousands of years. There are many potential benefits, the most important being that it aids in warming (bringing energy back) and closing the mother’s body after birth.

Belly binding also helps strengthen the bond between a mother and her partner, as our specialists will educate the partner in how to bind the postpartum mother in the weeks following her birth. We are also happy to teach a family member or friend, if there is no partner. 

Our Mother Superior Nourishing Package is about providing methods that bring support to a mother’s body, a safe space to process your birth, healing touch throughout, and comfort as it’s all done in your own home. This is done with expert care, warmth, and dignity for all mothers and all bodies.

Postpartum healing is critical and a mother roasting ceremony is a great holistic approach to begin the healing process.