Mother Superior Package - Doulas of Marquette
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Mother Superior Package

The first few days of your postpartum time can be quite an adjustment. Your precious baby has arrived, and your body and emotions have gone through a transformation too.


It’s as if your entire self- mind, body, soul, and spirit, are new and yet the new schedule, or lack thereof, can potentially leave you with little time to connect to yourself or acknowledge the birthing process you just went through.


We get this, because we’ve been there.


That’s why we created the Mother Superior Nourishing Package. 


It’s a time just for you to connect to yourself as a trained specialist does a mother warming practice (traditional called “Mother Roasting”) and belly binding (wrapping).


Whether your baby was born vaginally or by cesarean birth, we provide this ancient, and yet very popular, practice for you.


Potential Benefits of the Mother Superior Nourishing Package include:

  • Reducing bloating
  • Reducing lochia
  • Improving recovery time
  • Improving posture
  • Decreasing back pain
  • Moisturizing and toning body
  • Reducing stress

The entire process includes six guided and comforting steps, which will be laid out in detail prior. The belly binding portion also includes education, so that you can continue to experience the benefits from binding. The entire process takes anywhere from 3-4 hours, is scheduled at a convenient time for you, and is done with slow intention (allowing for as many breaks as you need to care for your new baby).


Contact us to learn more about this package, or schedule this package today!