National Nurses’ Week- Frannie - Doulas of Marquette
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National Nurses’ Week- Frannie

Doulas of Marquette MI Doula Birth Services

12 May National Nurses’ Week- Frannie

This week has been full of so many wonderful interviews with local nurses. We are about half-way through, and may even have to share a couple early next week. You see, that’s the thing about Nurses, they show up. And we all love them for it. Every week should really be Nurses’ week!

Next up, is someone who we’ve worked alongside for many years, and who a few of our doulas even had for their own Nurse. The one and only, Frannie Kelly, RN. 

DOM: Tell us about your nursing career/journey. Where did you go to college? When did you start? How long have you been on the Family Birthing floor? 

Frannie: I went to NMU. I started after both of my kids were already born! I already had a business management degree, and decided to go back for nursing. I was able to do an accelerated program so I started in 2008 and ended in 2010 with a BSN! I have been on FBC for 5 years.

DOM: What drew you to this speciality within nursing?

Frannie: The happiness of bringing life into the world.

DOM: What are your favorite parts of your career?

Frannie: The birth of a baby. The whole process is an adrenaline rush!! Helping someone get their baby latched for breastfeeding. Helping new parents become comfortable taking care of their new baby.

DOM: What are the most challenging parts of your career? What drives you to keep with it even through the difficult and stressful times?

Frannie: Staffing, emergencies that don’t turn out well, mandatory overtime.

DOM: What are some of your long term goals with your career?

Frannie: I have considered going back to get my N.P., but not sure about more school!!

DOM: Tell us about yourself outside of work. Do you have a family? What are your interests? Any special talents?

Frannie: I have a husband, 14 year old daughter Averie and 10 year old son Cole, 2 dogs and 2 cats! I love anything to do with sports especially hockey, soccer and baseball! I spend most of my days watching all of my kids sporting events! I love to play softball, read, and go to the beach!!

Thank you so much for giving us a peek into your story, Frannie! You bring confidence and calm to births, and really do provide that steadiness your patients need as they welcome a baby for the first (or tenth) time. We are so grateful for you, and love when we get to work alongside you in supporting families!