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Marquette County Family Doula Scholarship

The Marquette County Family Doula Scholarship is the best of two worlds brought together.

We realize that sometimes families that could benefit from the continuous support of a doula cannot financially afford it. For those families, it’s not a matter of budgeting or choosing to prioritize, etc. it’s a clear line in the sand that without this scholarship there is no way to have the support of a doula at their birth.


We likely can all agree that the support a family receives during pregnancy and birth is important, and that doula work must be done in a sustainable way (not for free or low cost) in order to continue to support all families that desire a doula. When done this way, everyone benefits.


Your families, our doulas, and our community.


Local physicians have expressed the need for a local doula scholarship program for income eligible families. We know our Doulas are compassionate and innovative, allowing us to jump in and fill this important role in our community.


With our mission to elevate the support that Upper Peninsula families receive in the childbirthing years, and to continue to forward the truth, that doulas aren’t a philosophy but a profession, we put our heads together, and the Marquette County Family Doula Scholarship was created. 


So, how does it work you ask?


Eligible Families (see below) + Grants and Generous Community Donations= The ability for our Doulas to provide support to a limited number of families each year that are selected by our Marquette County Family Doula Scholarship Committee. 



-Must be self nominated.

-Must live in Marquette County.

-Must be WIC eligible (and provide current proof).

-Must be currently pregnant.

-Must have a due date of 3/1/2018 or after.

-Must be delivering at UPHS-MQT or UPHS-Bell.

-Must communicate openly with doctor that doula will be attending birth.

-Must commit to a pre-birth meeting and the attendance of a doula at the birth.

-Must follow any and all expectations as laid out in contract, failure to do so can result in the termination of contract and services.

-Must fill out application (below)


*Nominee fully understands that just because they apply, it DOESN’T guarantee doula services. 



We are currently accepting applications for three families with due dates of 3/1/18 or after thanks to a grant from:


*Application Due Date: On or before 11:59pm on 12/1/17. Applicants will be notified by 12/31/17 as to whether they were accepted for the grant or not.